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This site is dedicated for propagating the true teaching of the Holy Qu'ran to enhance
                friendship among the followers of various faiths and religion








"There is no God who truly deserves to be worshipped but Allah alone and Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is the messenger of Allah"


At present the articles are available mostly in Malayalam, the language of Kerala, India. Other than Malayalam, books are available in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and English. Everybody is welcome to publish their articles based on freedom of thought and equality of Humanity which are among the underlying teaching of the Holy Qur'an. They may please send their articles by email to us. If selected the articles will be added to the site.




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Most of  the documents are in PDF formats which require Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 4 or higher to view the pages. Click the link to Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or visit .




Books and Documents. To download click the link below or  right  click and select save target as command.




Reality of Ahmadiyya Khilafat-


A must read book to know what is Ahmadiyya Khilafat. Useful for

Ahmadis and non-Ahmadis.


42 Chapters, 200 Pages.

Click here to download


Searchable Holy Quran in MS Word doc format HolyQuran.doc (7.54MB). Doc format of Holy Qu'ran should be used carefully. Any additional key stroke will alter the letters of the Holy Qur'an. It should be used only for searching purpose.  Any typing mistakes should be reported by email.



Ahmadiyya Khilafat is it divine? (Malayalam)

Muhammad (sa) is the Last Prophet, from the writings of Ahmadiyyat  (Malayalam)

The Belief and the Life in the Holy Quran, English translation of the Malayalam Book written by Abdur-Rahman Puthiyavalapp,  The book contains proofs for existence of God, Proofs for the Holy Qur'an as the word of God, Attributes of God, Aim of Creation, Religion and religious wars, Jinn, Devils, Angels, Prayers and its answers, Divine Revelations, Prophets, Holy Prophet (S,A), reality of Jesus Christ and his second advent etc. A must read book for Muslims as well as for  non-Muslims.

Download Vol-1 20 chapters. (2.30MB)

Download Vol-2 20 chapters. (2.50MB)

Download Hymns and Prayers of Holy Quran with English Translation and Arabic text.  Also Malayalam Translation



A guide for the study of Holy Qur'an. Download the WORD MEANINGS of Holy Qur'an  complete  in English, Malayalam, Hindi and Urdu. (5.78MB)

Download TABLES AND GRAMMAR in English to understand the Arabic Language. (not yet fully completed) (0.73MB)

Download self playing Holy Qur'an  Flash Video with recitation. Chapters 87 to114 HolyQuran.swf  best viewed with screen resolution greater than 800x600 pixels. (4.65MB)

The complete Arabic text of Holy Quran HolyQuran.pdf 4.17MB.

Download Addua, a prayer book in Arabic with Malayalam translation. (0.43MB)

Download Nikah Khutba in Urdu and also In Hindi





The belief and life in the Holy Quran, all the chapters of the book is available in Malayalam Language. Download First twenty chapters  (2.00MB) right click and select save target as command.  Download Second twenty chapters  (2.14MB) right click and select save target as command